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Strategies for Business Growth

3 Strategies for Business Growth 

Did you know that pain management for spine injuries and problems is one of the most sought after forms of pain relief and rehabilitation? Dr. Jordan Sudberg is the Medical Director for Spine and Sports Rehabilitation. What factors have contributed to him becoming a top practitioner in this area of medicine?

1. Education in medicine is a solid foundation. The primary reason for the success of Jordan Sudberg in his career is residency and training at the North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital in New York. Having an education he believes is part of the reason that he was able to develop a thriving practice. Getting his education in various aspects of medicine that pertain to pain management have been a solid foundation for his growth over the years.

Business strategy isn’t always about what a doctor or rehabilitation center will carry in inventory. It may also not be about the simple fact that they offer therapy alone. The ability to develop and scale the practice is the most viable business growth strategy that there is. In order to have a successful business, you need to hire the best, and seeking assistance from Chiro Match Makers would be a great decision.

2. Although his training was completed at the Staten Island University Hospital, he wanted to focus on being a research scientist. This led to his interest in the deep study of the body and how everything works together to get the body back to a state of being functional. Thus, this is one of the other reasons Dr.Sudberg has become one of the top doctors in spine and sports rehabilitation.

Most pain management doctors do not have a background in diverse areas of medicine. A very high percentage of pain management specialists are anesthesiologists. Their background is learning how to manage pain while ensuring the patient’s safety. Dr. Sudberg took it a step further by learning more skills to add to his offerings.

As a research scientist, and studying varied aspects of pain and what causes it, he was also able to learn more about nerve conduction testing and how it applies for the physiatrist. As a tissue engineer, he was able to study how the tissue can break down and heal all through the use of natural movement rather than traditional means of medication. This is just one more area that plays a vital role in pain management and helping patients overcome and rehabilitate from injuries.

3. He focuses on aspects of pain management that most pain management doctors do not. Cardiovascular exercise has also become an important part of the study of the body and exercise for his career in pain management. While many doctors may focus on injections and other means of pain relief, Dr. Jordan Sudberg has been regarded for how he looks at the bigger picture for those who seek help for pain relief and improvement with their spine.

This means that his strategy to grow his own facility was to broaden his horizons by taking the time to study and test all aspects of pain management. This would mean that he would have to refer patients less to others outside his own practice, and he would be able to work with them on his own.

It’s no surprise that the well-rounded research and study that he has done has been helpful in launching his career in pain management. His interest in regenerative medicine, physical fitness, and nerve conduction are all important for his career. Peak performance has also been a long-time interest for Dr. Sudberg.

Although his time as a doctor limit his time, he has also been a tennis instructor, as well as certified personal trainer. Additionally, he has also had an interest in being a kinesiologist.