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Strategies to Maximize Career Success

Everyone is looking for ways to succeed in their careers. It is even more overwhelming when juniors capture positions in a company instead of those who have stayed in the company for several years. It is a common dream for most people to enjoy what they do and experience a lifestyle they desire. According to Helen Lee Schifter, it is possible to live a life where everyone can fulfill personal dreams and goals. Lee is a renowned arbitrage trader and former editor at Hearst and Conde Nast. She graduated from Exeter Academy and Amherst College. Here are five vital strategies to catapult anyone towards career success.

1. Master Digital Technologies

The internet is a significant influence on learning and practicing various careers in the current era. It is common for people to lose opportunities to their peers and even the younger generation due to impropriety in new digital technologies. It would be best to embrace the latest technology and apply that to work. The updated knowledge in technology helps to improve yield and make changes in the way people view their jobs. According to Lee, technology is revolutionary, and constant updates are inevitable.

2. Learn Constantly

Learning never ends at any point. Every career is dynamic, and there are new skills to gain after every few years of practice. Anyone who wants to succeed in their careers must acquire new skills by attending seminars, lectures, academic workshops, professional events, and conferences. Furthermore, some even take courses and get new certificates to have the upper hand over those who have old certificates to showcase their jobs. It would be best to make extended-term plans to learn new skills annually.

3. Take Leading Roles in the Company

Leadership is a boost to visibility. Anyone who takes up leadership roles stands out to be seen by others, pushing them forward to get into better positions. Being a leader takes more than working hard. It would be best to ensure the company recognizes personal efforts by participating actively in meetings as an individual. People should also offer suggestions and valuable feedback to feel like they matter. Once the company notices efforts from an individual, they get highly recognized.

4. Investigate Other Opportunities

Many times, a lot of people face challenges when trying to succeed in their careers. It may need someone to be vigilant when taking up roles and ensure they have the right skills to participate in them. Career success calls for planning and watching out for opportunities. It would be best to stay motivated to find new opportunities.

5. Always Stay Positive and Determined

Lee sees positivity as the fuel to success. Having a positive attitude will help make achievable goals and never get tired even when faced with challenges. Everyone who has set their attitude can also work towards their goals without worrying about any negative thoughts and problems they find along the way.


Here are the five essential strategies to use to succeed in any career, according to Helen Lee Schifter. It is vital to stay proactive and prepare for the worst cases constantly. The best minds and successful people are problem solvers.