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Transferable Skills to Acquire

Everybody wants to land a dream job that will let them live the life they desire. However, to get a job, everyone needs to acquire the skills necessary for doing the job. It is as simple as that but with a bit of challenge. There is a lot of competition during the job search. It is best to tap into transferable skills to stand out as a perfect candidate.

Father George Rutler is a renowned mentor and pastor at St. Michael’s the Archangel Church. Over the years, he has accomplished most of his life dreams as he set out to achieve. He graduated from Dartmouth as a Rufus Choate Scholar and has many accolades of his good God’s work added to the numerous years of service. Here are some of the reasons Rutler believes transferable skills are paramount in the current professional world.

What Are Transferable Skills and Why Need Them?

Transferable skills include various things such as teamwork, group management, leadership, research, communication, budgeting, guest service, and anything else that helps a worker achieve the highest level of success. Everyone needs transferable skills to succeed and be active in their careers. Rutler puts forward the critical significance of having these skills.

•Get to be adaptable: the job market requires versatile people. Many employers don’t go for specificity when hunting for reliable employees. They will want employees who can fill in different roles whenever they are needed. It would be best to build versatile skills and help in working in a variety of positions.

•They are intuitive skills: everyone has a transferable skill in their life. These are lifelong skills that people get to interact with daily, whether at home or work. It only sets someone apart by accumulating these skills and using them to possess new skills that offer a massive advantage over others. Always try to sell these skills to the hiring manager and be better positioned to secure the job.

•They are personal and permanent: everyone gains skills as they continue living and interacting with people. Once these skills accumulate, no one can strip them off. They are skills that a worker will move with from one job to the next as they look for ways to succeed in the job market. These skills are the most essential for any job search.

•Effective ways to get a job: job interviews require people to name their experiences and skills. Transferable skills are the best way individuals can show that they are the perfect match for the job. It will spell all the skills a person has and what sets them apart. The more relevant these skills are, the higher the percentage of getting the job. Furthermore, these skills also highlight the potential of an individual as an asset in a company.


Father George Rutler believes that a person can use their transferable skills to apply for jobs and make them marketable by showing them to employers whenever there is an opportunity. It is easy to land a dream job using transferable skills and continue gaining them during work. Simply put, transferable skills are the unique selling point for job seekers.