The World of Fashion Resale Has Become A Lot More Interesting Due To The RealReal

One fact is becoming increasingly clear in today’s world of fashion. This fact is that fashion resale is becoming a potent sector within the overall fashion industry. Perhaps the best example of this massive swell in the popularity of second-hand fashion is the success being enjoyed by the company that goes by the name The RealReal. Those who have tried to be dismissive of this rapidly growing firm are quickly realizing that it is becoming a real force in today’s fashion industry. Luxury fashion items that are still in good condition have become a hot ticket in the fashion industry and this is a firm that is taking full advantage of this through its online consignment model of business. This is an organization that has worked tirelessly to become a true ally to the world of fashion consigners and that work has continually paid off. The firm keeps bringing in impressive numbers and expanding the scope of its business in the world of second-hand fashion and jewelry.

An Impressive Growth Trend

When The RealReal first launched, it was exclusively online but the firm’s consistent patterns of growth have led to an expansion into the world of physical location fashion shops. The organization is currently operating a pair of brick-and-mortar stores. One is located in Los Angeles while the other is located in the New York City hotspot of SoHo. This is another example of the impressive growth that the firm is experienced. Success in the world of online consignment is leading to success in the world of traditional retail.

A Brand That Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

There is a good reason that this exciting company is gaining such a strong base of customers. The reality is that a lot of people like to buy fashion items on the second-hand market. The platform that this vibrant firm has put forward is allowing for these fans of second-hand fashion to shop with greater levels of ease than ever before. The online platform is easy to use for both consignors and buyers and the addition of brick-and-mortar locations has only served to bolster the organization’s ability to serve its customers.

A Valuable Fashion Resource

The RealReal has become a true resource for fashion enthusiasts. This is for many significant reasons. Using the online platform is a great way for consignors to find the true value of their second-hand items. The fact that they can often recover the majority of the original value is something that encourages more individuals to enter into the market as resalers of luxury fashion items. It is easy for users of the firm’s platform to see which fashion houses are trending the most at the moment as well.

A Consistent Increase In Traffic

The firm’s traffic online continues to uptick with each passing year and is currently showing that more than 2 million individuals visit the site each month. This number is impressive but what is more impressive is the fact that it shows an increase of around one-third from the same time the previous year. This is an outstanding sign of how this company is growing through the outstanding range of services that it provides to those who are active in the world of second-hand luxury fashion. It is also a sign of many great things that are still to come for one of the most exciting organizations to enter into the fashion industry in many years.