Tips on Rising Your Business Above the Pandemic

Has your business suffered in this pandemic era? Covid-19 has dramatically affected the larger majority of companies since late 2019. Most business people had to change tactics to remain afloat.

Anne Therese Gennari and Valerie Emanuel are the founders of Role Model Management, an ethical modeling agency that has successfully remained in business during these challenging times. So, what do they do differently? How did they rise above the pandemic?

Remain True to Purpose

Why did you start your business? When dire situations arise, it might be easier to give up instead of pushing on. Remembering why you began what you have gives you the morale to keep trying different tactics until one works.

When Anne and Valerie talked for the first time, they would eventually start a modeling agency. What drove them into it was the need to have models who could show the true meaning of being a role model.

Valerie started as a model when she was a child. Through her experiences, the model right activist saw the need for positive change in the industry. She longed for the rise of a new generation of models who would fearlessly stand for what they believe in.

On the other hand, Anne was also a model. Like her partner, she wanted to have an environment where models would feel safe and comfortable learning and growing. Also, she wanted to empower them to step out here and make a difference in the world.

When they came together and began the agency, the founders wanted to disrupt the way people see and think about the industry. The fundamental values that form the Role Model agency basis include ethics, sustainability, environmental and social justice.

Since 2017 when the agency came to be, they have worked with top brands like Nike, Timberland, Amazon. eBay, YouTube, T-Mobile, Epson, Keds, Lancôme, Macy’s, and Nexxus. The impressive company carries over 200 models who include celebrities. What makes the Role Model Agency stand out?

Be Different

At the age of 25, Anne and Valerie began the first ethical modeling agency that disrupted the industry, unlike anything else. Being the only one of its kind meant that the agency would be in high demand. True to their expectations, even the pandemic was not strong enough to pull them down.

Brands that get models from the agency love to get people who resonate with what they are about. The models also had the opportunity to work with brands they genuinely love—talk of a win-win situation. 

When it comes to business, to be in constant demand, you need to be unique. It would be best if you had a different way of handling things, an added advantage over your competitors. If you have already been affected by the pandemic, it is about time you reconsider the way you run your venture. 

A little change might boost you to keep moving. Look for loopholes in your industry of choice, then try to see how to handle the problem differently. The moment you give your business a superior advantage, clients will do what it takes to have you regardless of a pandemic.

Get Help

When Anne first had the idea of having an ethical modeling agency, she could have started without a partner. However, she chose to talk it out with Val and come up with the company together. What makes them great partners is that they both bring something beneficial to the company.

Firstly, Valerie had experience working in talent and business management and photo production from a very early age. Anne, on the other hand, came from a marketing background with an entrepreneurial drive to do something that’s never been done before. Together, they had a unique entry point to the industry.

The success of Role Models Agency is due to the founders’ prowess. With their different skills and a common goal, they created what they envision. If your business is going under, consider getting a partner as well, someone who will be there and help you through the days when not everything feels as great. It can be anyone who believes and is ready to commit to the course you so dearly follow.

Aside from a partner, you can gain additional knowledge through self education. You can find endless blogs with invaluable information that can help you grow your business and stay afloat during hard times. Reviewing top ecommerce blogs would be a great start to learning more ways you can grow and streamline your company.


There are many more tips on rising your business above the pandemic. For now, these three are a good starting point to help you change your mentality and make some changes. Like Valerie and Anne, you can stay afloat during hard times, you just have to stick to your core beliefs and be ready to pivot. Creativity and each other’s support can go a long way.