Virtual vs. In Person Meetings

Virtual meetings have taken root in recent days due to the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. Many organizations have opted to conduct meetings online to reduce physical contact that is responsible for the faster spreading of the disease. There are different factors company executives should consider before choosing the type of meetings to hold whether virtual or in-person meetings. These two types of meetings have both their pros and cons as discussed below;

Virtual Meetings Allows for Real-Time Conferencing With People Across the Globe

According to IPTV CollectiveRay virtual meetings have become a necessity especially for multinational companies with branches across the world. Consider a situation where you want to host a meeting and your participants are spread in other offices globally? It will be easier to create a meeting virtually and set a date that will be convenient to all members. This will help you to cut on the cost your company would have inquired about due to travels and hotel bookings. It will cut down on time management because the meetings scheduled give time for people to join from anywhere even if they are in transit. Participants can follow the proceedings of the meetings and take the necessary notes remotely. For record-keeping purposes? The online meeting convenor can record the meeting session for future reference. You can use an easy to use video conferencing software by AVEX to control and manage your video conferences.

In-Person Meetings Are More Interactive

The conventional way of doing meetings has been touted as one of the best because of the interaction session with members. Here, the participants meet in a conference room and can exchange views during the meeting. This increases bonding and the facilitator can read the mood of the meeting by observing the body language of the participants. Shaking of hands and exchange of pleasantries before the meeting commences have been thought to cement trust among people. Judge Napolitano is a renowned judge who advocates for people to foster in-person meetings because of the benefits it comes with of networking and building trust.

Virtual Meetings Face a Lot of Technical Hitches and Unforeseen Abstractions

Though it may sound easy and cheap in cutting costs, Virtual meetings also experience some challenges that may affect the outcome of the meeting. Due to technical hitches brought about by the internet, sometimes the meeting might be interrupted due to low bandwidth and some speeches may be lost in the process. Power outages are another challenge that is bound to affect virtual meetings. Lack of concentration from the participants has also been reported where people join the session and later switch off their videos and start engaging in other activities. The facilitator is limited and cannot read the body language of the participants. This is because only the faces are visible to the facilitator.

In-Person Meetings Allows for In-Depth Analysis

Judge Napolitano is a crusader for in-person meetings because of the nature of his work. As the youngest life-tenured Supreme Court Judge in the State of New Jersey, he often meets people during criminal proceedings and can pass judgment on cases after a thorough analysis of the accused person.