Nicolas Krafft

Where to Plan Your Next Vacation

The dark and gloomy days of quarantine and unconventional ostracism are looming over us now, but it will not last forever. When the federal order lifts, and the pandemic ends people will be itching to get out of their homes and out into the world, the fresh air, and the socialism that had been stripped from them so long ago.

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Here also is a list of tropical and European destinations to get all that pent-up need for exploration out. Helen Lee Schifter recommends going to at least one vacation area after the pandemic ends, and this is a great way to begin a search for fun days in the sun.7 locations in fact.


Paris is not only a place that is perfect for couples to retreat to, it has the iconic Eiffel Tower where one can take pictures at and save for years down the road. When there, it’s best to visit the restaurants and gardens to get the full French Experience.


Where the Italian lineage reigns supreme. It is a place of good food and a long history. When someone travels it is a good idea to check out the museums scattered across the city and the Sistine Chapel for an out-of-this-world experience.


The paradise of history buffs. Athens can make someone feel like 1000 years old with its historical sites and museums all around. Not to mention the illustratively built architecture and if you’re into this, you can find great resources to learn more about architecture in sites like Archute online. Not to mention their comfort food is top-notch.


This city’s ancient beauty lures in anyone that ever hears about it. It is a place for everyone. The romantics, the foodies, the history buffs. Everything one could look for is here in this outstanding piece of preserved history. However to visit you must have many layers of clothing. Not only for the weather, but some places require that visitors wear layers for religious reasons.


Off of the Indian ocean, this place holds an almost surreal beauty to it. Not so much as a hike through a tropical forest as it is a swim. The sea makes up almost 99 percent of Maldives. Why not also check out this Beach Villas in the Maldives here if you want to experience the best vacation ever!

Nora Bora, Tahiti

Who has not heard about Tahiti? This is the perfect place to try different ways of life, food, and just having fun. Many of the buildings are made luxurious by the glass that they are made of, which reflects the beauty of the scenery all around. It is a little paradise hidden away.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya is the perfect mix of Mexican and island culture. The cuisines are Hispanic-oriented, yet the environment and beaches make it seem like it is placed directly in the Bahamas or the Caribbean. A great starter location for some.

In light of all these beautiful places, Helen Lee Schifter hopes that this pandemic ends soon to where we can return to our peaceful vacations and fun in the sun as soon as possible. There are seas to be explored. Caverns to be discovered. Trails to walk. Food to try. Everything to be done, and it is out there waiting!