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Facts About Content Marketing  

Content Marketing Tactics

Father George Rutler is a Catholic Priest from New York City. He has been outspoken about the importance of content marketing in recent years. He gives insights into content marketing tactics that are invaluable for anyone looking to succeed in this field. He asserts that a successful content marketer must provide insightfully written articles, create videos with interesting visuals, and share their work on social media. He shares three more important aspects of successful content marketing:

1. Find Your Niche Audience

Rutler says that a great first step to content marketing is finding your niche audience. This is the group of people to whom you are marketing. He says that you can try “speculating on what reader demographics are available,” but ultimately, the best way to find your target audience is through trial and error. He suggests trying out Facebook Ads or Google Adwords with help from a Google Ads Agency in order to narrow down to your specific target audience. A successful marketer will create posts and videos specifically for their chosen target demographic instead of sharing content with a mass audience or everyone on social media. He warns that shared content should be relevant in order to be effective.

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2. Create Quality Posts Often

Rutler says that successful content marketers often “write 5-10 posts per week,” which shows the value of inconsistent sharing of high-quality information, instead of waiting to share when you have something interesting to say. Quality posts are characterized as well-written, not verbose, and easy to understand. He warns against creating content only when it’s convenient. Instead, create quality posts often so that your audience is always engaged with fresh content.

3. Keep It Relevant

Rutler says that writing useful content helps you to “build relationships” and “enhance customer loyalty.” Content etiquette or netiquette is important for helping you maintain these relationships with your readers. Also, always delete negative comments, ask permission before sharing someone’s content, and read the rules on social media sites.

Content marketing is a valuable tool for any business or organization that wants to improve its online presence. Whether you’re just starting out in this field or looking to build upon your already successful campaign, Rutler warns against sharing content too often, which can irritate your readers and damage your reputation. He suggests a frequency between one and three times a month. Rutler also says that it is important to share content that is “relevant to the customer’s needs” and “generates long-term value.” Rutler says to write as you would talk, and answer your emails as soon as possible. He warns against using marketing phrases or buzzwords in ]your posts because these may lead to a lack of trust from your customers.
The above suggestions for effective content marketing are simple but insightful. If you follow these suggestions, your customers will increase and you’ll be more profitable. Father George Rutler knows the value of content marketing and has incredible insight into what makes a successful content marketer. The insights shared above will help you succeed in the content marketing field if you follow his advice.