Eye Irritation? Rain Eye Drops Shares The Top Causes For Itchy, Watery and Dry Eyes

Rain Eye Drops Shares Top Causes For Itchy, Watery, and Dry Eyes

Some of the most common allergy symptoms include dry, itchy, or watery eyes. Let’s go over some of the causes behind each of these problems, according to Rain Eye Drops.  

Itchy Eyes 

Red, itchy eyes can be very irritating and uncomfortable. So much so that you may be ready to do just about anything to relieve the symptoms. 

Rain Eye Drops cares about your eyes and recommends that you first determine the cause for better treatment. There can be various causes, each of which requires a different treatment option.

Seasonal allergy

Some people are prone to itchy eyes during a particular season. If you develop an allergy at the same time every year, you may have a seasonal allergy.

These are usually due to plants that bloom and release pollen that can irritate the eyes. You can wear a pollen mask outside or keep your windows closed during the season. 

Histamine is the compound in our body that causes allergic symptoms to fight against allergens. So, if you want to control your symptoms, your doctor may recommend antihistamine medication.


Eyes are quite sensitive when it comes to viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. All of these can cause extreme itchiness in your eyes. Mold can cause allergies that’s why mold inspections Seal Beach Ca are so important.

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One common type of eye infection is eye conjunctivitis, also called pink eye. You can identify a pink eye infection easily as it affects the white part of your eye, turning it pink.

Pink eye infection is also quite contagious. This type of eye infection usually requires proper treatment by the doctor as it can also come with drainage from the eyes. However, antibiotics are helpful in treating pink eye

Dry eyes

Dry eye is a disease that can be both temporary and chronic. The disease is quite common and usually occurs when your tears glands are unable to produce enough tears to provide adequate lubrication. Or, in some cases, tears tend to evaporate too quickly.

Dry eyes can cause redness and stinging or burning sensations. There are numerous causes for dry eyes and dry eye syndrome. Here are a few common ones and how you can treat them.


If You Have Dry Eyes, You Need To Try Rain Eye Drops
Rain Eye Drops Reviews For Dry Eyes


If you do take medications, it is possible that they may be the cause of your dry eyes. Tears are made up of water, mucus, and oil. Certain medications can cause reduced mucus production, contributing to chronic dry eyes. 

If you experience dryness while you start taking certain medicines, consider talking to your doctor. They may give you alternative medicine or lessen your dose. Also, you can start using artificial tears to keep your eyes moist. 

Vitamin A deficiency

You may already know that vitamin A is an important nutrient to maintain eye health. If your diet contains low amounts of vitamin A, it can lead to problems like vision impairment, night blindness, and dry eyes. To determine if you have a vitamin A deficiency, take a blood test. Get your eyes checked to know if you need to buy varifocals online.

To prevent a deficiency in the first place, incorporate foods that are rich in Vitamin A, such as eggs, carrots, and broccoli. Or, if it is too intense, you can ask your doctor to prescribe you some vitamin A eye drops. 

Watery eyes

Tears are an important component of the immune system. They protect our eyes against infection by washing away foreign particles and dust. And they keep our eyes lubricated and moist.

However, your tear glands may sometimes produce too many tears. Watery eyes can be confusing, but Rain Eye Drops is here to explain what can be causing them and how to deal with it. 


You may not be spraying hair sprays or perfumes directly into your eyes, but they can still cause irritation. Such items contain aerosol and other irritants that can lead to red and watery eyes.

If you experience eye-watering for this reason, non-preserved saline or lubricant eye drops can be of help. 

Eyelid inflammation

Debris or products building upon the eyelids can cause them to be inflamed. You may feel your eyelids drying and your eyes turning red and watery. The solution is to use high-quality eye drops, like Rain Eye Drops, to soothe the inflammation. 

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