How Does Coin Dispute Network Recover Stolen Crypto Assets For Clients

How Does Coin Dispute Network Recover Stolen Crypto Assets For Clients? [2022 Guide]

Cryptocurrency, like the one stated on the crypto trading bot review, has become one of the world’s most valued financial assets and means of value exchange. With the prospects for profit, it becomes easy to understand why many people are continuously moving into cryptocurrency trading or storing crypto assets. 

While all of these give assurance of a promising cryptocurrency future, one thing that threatens it is the activities of hackers. 

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for hackers and fraudsters to breach people’s accounts and make away with their hard-earned crypto assets. This continuous activity of hackers has continued to put people in disarray over the security of their assets and whether to even continue. 

Fortunately, there is the Coin Dispute Network to help you recover your stolen crypto assets. In this interview, the representatives of Coin Dispute Network walk us through how they help recover stolen crypto assets for their clients. 

If one notices traces of stolen crypto assets, what avenue is there to lodge complaints? As a crypto asset owner, once you notice suspicious activities on your account, you should take action and lodge a formal complaint. The best way to lodge complaints to the Coin Dispute Network is through the customer service support team. 

Recover crypto assets with Coin Dispute Network

Usually, a complainant would have to give personal details and a description of what has occurred. From there, the team would review it and proceed with the request. 

Our team of professionals in the United States examines the blockchain and tracks your transaction history to find your missing or stolen assets before they vanish.

Grant Hoffman
Crypto Expert at Coin Dispute Network

Do you mind sharing the process of crypto assets recovery? For us to be able to recover stolen crypto assets, we go through some processes. The first thing is for us to get a complaint or series of complaints about stolen crypto assets. 

Without your complaints, we cannot act on our own since we do not have access to clients’ accounts. After this, we review these requests and determine whether to proceed. 

It is not every request we act on because we want to be sure that there has been an actual breach and crypto assets have either been stolen or are about to be stolen. Lastly, we extensively investigate the stolen funds, track down the stolen funds and recover them. 

How to recover stolen bitcoin

Is this method guaranteed to work? Since we started, this method has proven to be very effective. In fact, with this method, we have investigated, traced, and recovered different stolen funds. The purpose of our company is to investigate and recover stolen crypto assets, so we cannot afford to watch our method fail. 

After Coin Dispute Network has recovered stolen crypto assets, how does the owner reclaim assets back? The steps for this are pretty simple since we have the initial complaints of the owner. Once the assets are successfully investigated and recovered, we get across to the owner to officially claim their money. 

Are there any requirements or fees attached to this crypto assets recovery? There are definitely some fees to pay for the service rendered, but it is nothing too much to worry about. The fees are usually affordable. It is advisable to speak with our customer service representatives to walk you through the process and the fees that may be required.