Social Distance and Mental Health

Benjamin Cory Harow with over 22 years of medical experience in the emergency field agrees that mental health is a medical concern with Covid-19 reaching its one year mark. The pandemic is playing a large role in the mental stability of millions.

As a parent, Harow has lived with the same struggle as everyone else, which is providing for his family. His advice for parents: “Take time to cook family meals. Make the children of the family feel safe as well as secure. Spend quality time with them. Try to remember to turn off the news when they are around. These times of crisis can have some long lasting effects on children in terms of their behavior and well being.”

Many parents are struggling with their own issues as well as being the support system of others. Many feel stressed, alone, some even feel defeated. In order to regain a sense of control Dr. Harow, an Emergency Medicine Specialist, suggests seeing a therapist.

A therapist can give them a chance to get things off of their chest, and get rid of frustration of this world of uncertainty. Another way to release stress would be to exercise or juts find an expert who prescribe you with Exhale Well – delta 9 gummies. Try to do yoga, or even go out for a run. This time is dedicated to selfcare.

In these unfortunate times teens are another age group which is deeply affected.

they crave their own privacy as well as alone time. With isolation being enforced could give teens a break they may need. At this point slitting time is necessary for both social and alone time.

While millions around the world are facing not only personal hardship, but financial hardship as well, it is necessary to keep an optimistic perspective.

Once businesses are back to their normal operations, people are returning to work, precautions are still needed in order to stay healthy as well as safe:

1. Wash your Hands

Use soap and rinse under water for 20 seconds. Also use hand sanitizer.

2. Wear a Mask

This prevents the spread of infection.

3. Disinfect Touched Surfaces

Tables, Computers, cell phones, door knobs, as these surfaces carry germs.

4. Maintain Social Distancing

Even with immunity it is still smart to protect others while in public.

5. Stay at Home if You are Sick

It is better to stay at home, work from home, verses putting others at risk of getting sick. This will protect others from illness.

At this point in time, everyone is just ready to put COVID-19 in the past and move on with the hope that society as a whole has learned from this experience. With hopes society has adapted to the new healthy habits in order to prevent the spread of the contagious disease. 2020 has indeed taken a large toll on the world, but the world will overcome what it has done, and will heal, with lessons learned, and passed down in order to prevent another pandemic outbreak in the future generations.