The Importance of Leadership

Leadership comes in many different forms. It’s specific to an individual. For some, becoming a leader is a long term goal, while for others it’s a role that had to be conquered quickly. It really depends on an individual’s history and personality. Shalom Lamm is a great example of a prominent leader. He enjoys leading his team through hard scenarios and never doubts anyone’s abilities. Leadership means being respectful of others’ viewpoints and collaboration is key. Yes, leaders have to make tough decisions but in the end, they usually are just protecting the people they care about.

Many times in history, there have been leaders who have not been justified in their position. They took leadership and made decisions that hurt others. Those aren’t true leaders. Authentic leadership is when the people who one works with respect them and most of all, trust them. Giving faith to someone isn’t an easy task and it can take years for leaders to earn the trust of their team. However, a true leader will be successful and help contribute positive outcomes in many situations they might be faced with.  With leadership, there are many responsibilities. That includes being collaborative with everyone, being diverse, accepting viewpoints that might not coincide with their own, and much more. Leaders are known to make hard decisions because that’s’ their job. Usually, someone who is passionate about their job knows the right direction it needs to go in. CEO’s like Shalom Lamm, always take into consideration how decisions will affect his team. Leadership comes from within and anyone can possess it. It takes a certain strength and wisdom, but it’s worth it in the end.